Gomu Star Wars Eraserland

Some of us collect stamps, others prefer bugs, but what about erasers? OK, so you might snigger at this particular hobby, but different strokes for different folks, right? If you (or your kid) absolutely loves Star Wars and want to collect as many other officially licensed items associated with the space opera, then surely you will be broke before you’re done with your task. Surely there is a more selective manner to do so – and you can always start off with something affordable, case in point, the $14.99 Gomu Star Wars Eraserland.
Coming in a stubby lightsaber box for added effect, it is filled to the brim with plenty of Star Wars erasers in their own unique way, ready to erase the existence of any other Sith that you’ve drawn on a piece of paper. There is a total of 8 unique Star Wars erasers, including 5 which cannot be found anywhere else. Since this is an officially licensed Lucasfilm product, you can purchase this with peace of mind.