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Golf Cart Hovercraft

Golf is not a cheap hobby or sport, at least relatively speaking. First of all, there is the issue of membership fees at a golf club of your choice, and obviously the more exclusive it is, the more expensive it will be! When it comes to equipment and the choice of clothing, golf too, would edge out other sports like say, chess, table tennis, swimming, and even running, and with that, the cost would also be a whole lot more for golf. I guess if you really want to be extravagant about the sport (while getting the approval from your other half along the way, of course), then you would not mind forking out the dough for this $58,000 Golf Cart Hovercraft.

Yes sir, you read that right. The Golf Cart Hovercraft is one golf cart that you would most probably not see anywhere else, as it glide over sand traps and water hazards without batting an eyelid, doing so on a cushion of air – and it will also traverse just as easily over fairways and the rough. What powers the Golf Cart Hovercraft would be a 65-hp twin-cylinder Hirth engine, with a nine-blade axial-flow ducted fan that propels the craft to speeds of up to 45 mph and 9″ off the ground, ensuring that the greens (and other small animals) will not be harmed. Heck, this is good enough to cross a pond or stream, too.