The Golf Bag Alarm System

Golfing is tricky business, you never know when someone is going to try to make off with your balls.  To prevent those pesky golf ball thieves or anyone that might try to steal your whole golf bag you can pick up one of these handy little Golf Bag Alarm Systems.  No one will ever suspect the funny looking golf ball can sound an alarm loud enough to put some serious strain on your ears.

This alarm system consists of two parts, a golf ball and a key fob.  You leave the golf ball inside of your bag and then when the motion sensing ball notices some serious movement, the alarm will sound.  Not only will an alarm go off on the ball, but your key fob will start to vibrate and beep.  It’ll also not be very happy if you happen to get the key fob over 30 yards away from the ball.  Which that will help you realize when someone is driving off with your bag.  You can pick up the set for $49.95.

Source: CraziestGadgets