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Goldtouch reveals Semi-Vertical Mouse

semi-vertical-mouseNot all mice are created equal, although some of the more zany creations that we have seen in the past happen to be those that are from the gaming department. Gaming mice have certainly evolved to an extent where there are so many buttons, and some of them look so sharp to the touch, you might even wonder whether you are going to cut yourself while playing with it. Well, Goldtouch has come up with something unique and interesting, the Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse. The name itself says it all — this is a brilliant combination of ergonomics, comfort and performance, all wrapped into a single peripheral. Certainly taking a page off the Vertical Mouse 2’s book that we saw close to a decade ago.

The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse comes with a perfect slope of 66°, where it is meant to prevent wrist stress all the while providing gamers with the ultimate comfort fit for healthy computing. The traditional ergonomic mouse is sloped at 25°-30°, while the traditional vertical mouse is sloped between 85°-90°, so here is the perfect compromise between the two. Of course, it will cater only to right handed folks only, and hopefully Goldtouch will do something for the southpaw community in the future.

Features of the Semi-Vertical Mouse include a comfortable grip that delivers a nice resting position for the hand, while enhancing the user experience through great mousing precision. It has a detachable Ergo-Grip flange which will ensure the underside of the pinky finger and palm remain off the work surface of the desk. Not only that, the presence of easy click buttons and scroll wheel would pave the way for simple navigation, while convenient thumb press keys lets one easily page forward or page back.. You can choose from a DPI range of 800 – 2500, and there is a quartet of detachable 5g block weights so that you can make adjustments to the weight accordingly. Running on a pair of AAA batteries, the Semi-Vertical Mouse will retail for $99 a pop.

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