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Goldtouch has a couple of new mice that changes the way you look at them

rockstick-2Using a computer would mean having two things to work comfortably with – a keyboard and a mouse. The former is compulsory, and the latter is more or less a given, since navigating a graphical user interface with a keyboard alone is sheer madness, you might as well not make use of the computer in the first place. Having said that, there are plenty of different kinds of mice that are in the market, with gaming mice taking up most of the attention in recent times, but this does not mean that the working crowd are left with nothing but crumbs. No sir, Goldtouch wants to reverse such thinking by introducing the arrival of the Newtral 2 Mouse and the Rockstick 2 Mouse.

First of all, the Newtral 2 Mouse has been specially designed to be a customizable ergonomic mouse that will place both the hand and wrist in a neutral position. Users are able to opt for a trio of different fitting solutions that are targeted toward various aspects: precision mousing, a balance grip, or full hand/wrist support including a gel cushion. This fully adaptable pointing device will feature half a dozen programmable buttons to boot, which helps to customize the way that you navigate. Using it is a snap, just hook it up through your USB cable, and you’re good to go, taking advantage of this mouse’s 4000 DPI precision right from the get-go. Choose from either silver or black shades, and not only that, wired or wireless versions of the Newtral 2 Mouse to suit your budget and needs.

As for the Rockstick 2 Mouse, it has been specially designed so that users can “click” by rocking the mouse to the right and left, and this in turn would remove the pressure of clicking off the fingers. After all, there are many ergonomists who advocate that there should be a vertical mousing solution that will help address RSI issues. The Rockstick 2 Mouse would let users grip the mouse in a handshake position, which would put an end to a pronated posture. The Rockstick Mouse will come equipped with a comfortable and adjustable upright grip, and you can swap it out to accommodate both left- and right-handed users. As with the Rockstick 2 Mouse, you can also choose from wired or wireless versions.

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