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Goldgenie iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy Edition

iphone6-diamond-ecstasy-goldAre you all out of ideas when it comes to picking up a Valentine’s Day gift for your other (some say better, but I will leave that to your very own interpretation) half? Well, it really depends on what your budget is – as well as whether he or she needs another smartphone. Sure, the iPhone 6 is a highly desirable smartphone regardless of which country you go to, but how about making sure that the recipient of your generosity would end up with a truly one-of-a-kind handset? Thanks to the folks over at Goldgenie, the iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy Edition is now a possibility.

In fact, Goldgenie is more than proud to deliver the Diamond Ecstasy Collection; where it comprises of a range of dazzling iPhone 6 smartphones, and all of them arrive finished in a choice of 24K Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum – not to mention embedded with hundreds of light-catching diamonds. Each of the handsets from the Ecstasy collection will not only be unique and customized according to the client’s wishes, you can also select from precious metal finish as well as stones – making sure that the exact style of embellishment and personal engraving is in accordance to your preference.

The Ecstasy stone palette will range from the traditional white diamond – in the plural form, of course, in addition to their colored counterparts in pink and black, not to mention the accompaniment of the likes of sapphires, corundum, topaz, emeralds, rubies, tourmalines and tanzanite. You will no doubt need to have an extremely deep pocket to pick up one of these puppies though, since the price range would begin from £10,000 – and it can go all the way to a whopping £2.3 million depending on specifications and value of stones used. Of course, all of the changes will be cosmetic on the outside – there is nothing different underneath the hood as opposed to an equivalent iPhone 6 model.

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