Goldee will forever change how you light your home

Goldee Light Switch
Back in the olden days, people operated on a schedule that matched when the sun was in the sky. When the sun comes up, you get up, and when it goes down, that means it’s bedtime. While electric lighting has helped us in a big way, our body still gets better sleep when you follow the gradual brightening and dimming that is associated with day and night. We’ve seen alarm clocks out there that wake you with gradual light, and there are applications on your computer that will yellow and dim your screen to prepare you for bed. Can you imagine what it would be like if your whole house could do that?

If you get the Goldee Home Pack, there won’t be any more imagining. This is a light controller system that you can operate from your smartphone, and caters to your schedule. If you set an alarm, itwill gradually turn on the room lights in the morning, and once you leave for work, it will turn everything off. Upon coming home, it will illuminate your abode. At night, it will slowly fade out the lights so by the time you hit the pillow, you’re good and ready for sleep.

You can control how bright or dim things are through your Android or iPhone. If you worry about your home when you’re out of town, it has a security system that will function the lights the same way as if you were home. You’ll likely want to use this throughout your house, which will cost you around $1700. If you only want it for one room, it will be around $550. It will start shipping next summer, but is up for preorder right now.

Available for preorder on GetGoldee