Gold Lego Memory Stick


Back when Lego celebrated 50 years of Lego creations, they released shiny gold colored bricks.  Well someone took one of the bricks from that release and turned it into a USB drive.  If you enjoy bright golds and miss the days of toying with Legos for hours on end, then it’d be a fun drive to carry around.  Don’t worry though, although this was done by an individual, you can actually purchase it.

The 2×4 brick came in gold, however, the button plates and the cap are painted gold.  The seller states very clearly that although it does look good, the golds do not quite look the same.  So you shouldn’t purchase it if you’re expecting a first class paint job.  The drive itself is a 2GB drive and the Lego comes attached to a key ring to make it harder to lose.  You can purchase it for $29.95 on Etsy.  Although due to the paint issues, there are probably going to be many that don’t think it’s quite worth that price.

Source: GeekyGadgets