Go-Go The Staple-Less Stapler?

I gotta say I have a love/hate relationship with a darn staple, and I guess a stapler too. I mean, you simply have to staple sometimes. Its not the act of stapling that’s the problem, the biggest problem is the removing of the staples. Anytime I need to fax something, copy something or shred something, I’m faced with the task of de-stapling my papers. I hate it, and at this exact moment I am recovering from a disastourous unstapling injury, do you think I can get Tetanus from this?
Well never fear, I have found the answer to all our stapling dissatisfaction, the Staple-less staple set, these little magical wonders do away with the staples and bind your papers together by making a neat little hole that attaches by means of little paper “wings”. If my description was not provocative enough, rest assured that you can hit the link after the jump and watch a video of this miraculous, paper connecting wizardry.
Okay, to be fair, you’re not going to staple your next novel together with these things as the manufacturer suggests you don’t even try to “staple” more than 2 or 3 pieces of paper together at a time. But if you’d like a little help getting some of your notes organized this thing may very well rid the world of those pesky little paper clips, and if just one person is saved from the agony of a stapled finger, well isn’t that alone worth the sacrifice?
So a mere 16 dollars buys you not one, but 2 Staple-less staplers in either clear or a lovely blue green set (pictured above). Check out our friends at for more information, or the mind boggling video I promised you. Admit it, you need to see it…