GoDigital to Deliver thousands of Hours of Movie & TV Programming to YouTube

GoDigital Media Group, a leading entertainment media distribution and marketing company, recently announced the upcoming delivery of up to 2,000 hours of movie and TV content to YouTube and I just can’t stop thinking about my iPad. This information comes directly after the announcement that YouTube is planning to add a channel based video experience to their site.
GoDigital President, Logan Mulvey says, “We’re thrilled to be a part of YouTube’s new channel based platform for feature length content, the move makes a lot of sense in the evolution of content distribution.”
GoDigital has already distributed thousands of hours of content in the digital space and shows no signs of slowing down. GoDigital uses the ContentBridge suite of digital supply chain management software to internally manage its content and automate its external packaging and deployment to retailers and publishers like YouTube.

GoDigital is an industry leader for the monetization of movie, television, and music assets in the digital space.  GoDigital provides over 100 major library owners, distributors, and sales agencies digital distribution, marketing, and its proprietary AdShare™ social media monetization program.  GoDigital monetizes over two million copyrights from clients including three of the four major record labels and 23 members of the Independent Film & Television Alliance.  Nearly 500 million homes around the world can access GoDigital content on dozens of digital retail platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.
Excellent. I just finished watching “Autopsy, a Love Story” on my iPod. Oh the possibilities…. Thank you GoDigital.
Source: GoDigital and YouTube