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GoBe 2 wearable device sports enhanced software with new services

gobe2No particular device is going to remain the same if it is not going to see some improvements or enhancements made to it, and Healbe’s GoBe 2 wearable tracker is no exception. In fact, the GoBe 2 has been endowed with better software and offers new services for users, making it all the more useful as a wearable device that boasts of calorie counting capabilities in addition to data sharing, goal setting and personalization features that are nifty in keeping track of key health parameters.

 The GoBe 2 is essentially a device that has been specially designed to assist people lose and then maintain their weight through an automatic tracking process. Along the way, they will be provided with their calorie intake as well as additional information required in order to make the necessary adjustments to their lifestyle habits.

The launch of the new Health and Wellness Portal will be crucial in making the GoBe 2 all the more useful, where users can share their personal data (calorie intake, calories burned, energy balance, water balance, stress level, emotional state, heart rate, sleep quality and distance traveled/number of steps per day) with trusted nutritionists/wellness coaches. The latest GoBe 2 software update will also offer users with a more accurate and personalized 24-hour calorie intake algorithm, in addition to weight management and goal-setting options and projected “after” images of users when they arrive at their weight loss goals.

As for new services, the GoBe 2 will now enable the integration of users’ personalized data with external inputs, ranging from medical records to nutritionist recommendations and customized food delivery. There is also a new marketplace platform that offers new accessory options such as an array of color wrist bands (white, purple, red, blue, yellow and black), an additional charging dock, extra charging cables and a gamut of third-party devices like smart scales and smart insoles for dynamic weight and physical activity tracking.

The water-resistant GoBe 2 has enough battery to keep it going for up to 48 hours per charge, and will have an asking price of $199 apiece.

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