Glow Rings help you locate you bedside drink

A great deal of people take a drink to bed with them at night.  Me, once I’m out, I’m out so there is really no need for a glass of water.  Also admittedly, I’m paranoid when it comes to spiders and I always half expect to take a big gulp of water and find one caught in my throat.  Yes, I’m aware I’m seriously cracked in the head.  Well if you haven’t been scared out of bringing water to bed with you, you might consider picking up one of these little gadgets.

That’s right, someone created  glowing rubber bands and are actually calling them gadgets.  Their words, not mine.  Actually, technically these aren’t rubber bands, they are stretchy rings according to the seller, my bad.  Well if you don’t want to fumble around in the dark trying to locate your drink, toss one of these glowing bands on it.  It’ll make for easy locating at 3AM.  Thankfully, these are on sale right now and have dropped in price down to about $6 or £2.99 for a pack of four.

Source: shinyshiny

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