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Glow Headphones turn you into a walking rave


If you’ve ever been to a dance party of any sort, then you know how amazing it is for lights and sound to work as one. You experience the music in a whole new way as you’re taking in the beats through both visual and auditory senses. It makes you want to come back time and time again for that same experience. While you can’t put that kind of thing in your pocket and leave with it, you can get the essence of this combination through a pair of headphones.

Glow is a pair of smart headphones that will pulse with the beat, adding another layer to your tunes. Of course, a pair of headphones with lights is not a new idea to us, so it has to have more features and a price point that is enticing. While this may be a crowdfunding campaign (which has some measure of risk to it), this looks to be quite promising. They are touting that this is also capable of pulsing to your internal beat by measuring your heart rate while you’re going about your day, and might be able to track your steps and distance in the future.

This will fit like any other ear buds, and is said to have quality sound that can handle highs and lows equally. There is a media button that will allow you to control volume, track, and play/pause for your music, as well as take phone calls, use voice assistants, act as a shutter remote, and can help with texts. The center button that is located where the left and right cable meet will help you quickly answer and end calls. You can choose to get this pair of glowing headphones for $149, which is far cheaper than what they will be after they officially hit the market.

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2 thoughts on “Glow Headphones turn you into a walking rave”

  1. Simple yet interesting product. I think one of the best use cases for it will be for runners and cyclists in the dark to let people know that you are there. Its price for the campaign seems fine (assuming that the voice quality is good), I hope it stays around that price point or drops below, after releasing in the market.

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