Glove and Boot dryer perfect for the times

With winter rearing its chilling, and soaking head out of the calendar, many folks in the north, east and anywhere in between may find this Glove and Boot Dryer an ideal accessory for the change of seasons. The Glove and Boot dryer will dry out everything from shoes to boots to ice skates, and, of course, gloves and mittens. And not only that, but users can also toss their boots and gloves on dry and have them nice and toasty warm before they put them on and brave the winter cold.

The Glove and Boot dryer will accommodate most boots, shoes, gloves and skates, has four drying posts for drying two pairs simultaneously, and uses convection to dry safely and thoroughly without the worry of damaging items or setting them on fire. Its dual illuminated on/off switches allow to focus on one post set or the other – either front or rear, or run all four posts in concert. It also has a compact, folding design to allow for easy storage.

The Glove and Boot Dryer is from Pacific Outdoors and is available from Amazon for an amazingly affordable price of about $40. That’s more than worth it to keep the tootsies dry, don’t you think?

Hat Tip – The Grid