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This Glo-Toob takes being a glow-stick seriously

When you’re by yourself at night with no light to keep you company, things can get pretty scary pretty fast. Every sound and rustle of the leaves could lead to your demise, and you would never even see it coming. While a flashlight or just having enough battery in your phone can keep you going, they’re only going to last you so long.

If you want a light that won’t quit, and are for some reason trapped in a cave where it’s dark all the time, then this Glo-Toob will help tremendously. You are indeed correct for questioning how often you would need this, and to answer but not not answer your question, it is for this very reason I keep two glow-sticks in my purse. Also in case I need to have a random dance party. This is less than three inches long, and is meant to be used for camping, roadside emergencies, action sports, or other extreme outdoor scenarios.

Once you’ve gotten it going, this will light up your world for about 30 hours of continuous use. The surprising thing is that despite the ambient glow, this is actually comprised of LEDs rather than interacting chemicals. You’ll be able to choose between green, red, blue, and yellow for your color options, and each will cost you around $21. This is for more intense situations, so hopefully you’ll only ever need one or two, unless you have your own light source that is.

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