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Globee Night Lights

No, the £19.99 Globee Night Lights does not have any kind of typo in it, that is just the way it is called. Most of us might be satisfied with just a regular night light at the side of our beds so that we do not end up stubbing our toe against the side of the bed in the middle of the night as we make our way to the bathroom, paving the way for a litany of curses to spew from our mouths. Why not be different with the Globee Night Lights? It will be more than a decent night light, except that it espouses the wonders of a big city, and you can choose from various landmarks such as Edinburgh, London, New York, and Paris. I am quite sure that some folks would prefer to strike Edinburgh from the list and throw in Milan instead, but hey, it isn’t me who came up with the Globee Night Lights.

Boasting an illustrated map of your selected city, the Globee Night Lights will show off key landmarks in a cute and colorful ‘tour-guide’ manner. Under its silver plinth, you are then free to wander around town (mentally speaking, of course), thanks to the spinning function that needs to be powered by, yeah, your hands. It does not run on AC power, so you might want to get ready a bunch of rechargeable AAA batteries for this bad boy – it consumes a quartet of them at any one time.