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The Global Nomad Convertible Backpack changes with the times

Global Nomad Backpack

When life is tossing you from one crazy scenario to the next, you have to adjust what you’re carrying and how. You don’t want to walk from class with your backpack on and waltz into a business meeting as it seems out of place. Neither would you want to use a messenger bag in that case. If you’re taking classes, working, traveling, and more, then you need a bag that can keep up with every scenario. Just like this camera strap that changes for whatever shooting situation you’re in, you want to be able to adapt to fit the time and place for all the different things life throws at you.

This Global Nomad Convertible Backpack is a 420D nylon bag that can be used in any configuration you might need it to be in. This can go from being a backpack to a messenger bag, and can also quickly transform into a briefcase. There are two adjustable back straps, and one adjustable shoulder strap that will let you do all the changing and re-arranging you need.

There is a two-way zipper that will help to keep things from falling out, and three front zipper pockets to hold all the junk we think we need during the day. The laptop compartment has a neoprene interior, and the shoulder straps are somewhat padded to make this comfortable to use. This is an $85 purchase if you need something small and versatile for an ever-changing lifestyle.

Available for purchase on Amazon