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Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange

tent-night_jpg_autothumb_w-550_scaleThe Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent definitely qualifies as Coolest Gadgets material, as it has more gadgets on it than MacGyver’s knife. The U.K. company Orange has called the Glastonbury as “the tent of the future”, but this is one that I want to take “out on the rough” right now.

The tent has photovoltaic fabric, specially coated solar threads woven into the fabric. It can capture the rays of the sun and use them for some juice later. Yes, you don’t worry about your GPS or mobile phone going dead on your next camping trip. Not only that, the tent has a wireless control hub that keeps track of the energy generated and consumed. This hub has an LCD screen and even has a wireless Internet signal.

Another advancement is Glo-cation technology. This enables campers to find their tent using an SMS message or automatic active RFID tech. So if you’re having trouble finding your tent, sent a text, and the Glastonbury will glow for you.

There is yet another feature known as groundsheet heat. It is an internal heating element that is embedded within the tent’s groundsheet, and this underfloor heater will automatically come once the interior temperature falls below a certain level.

With all these features, who wouldn’t want this concept to become a reality? I’ll tell you who wouldn’t: those who truly want to “get away from it all” by camping. Doesn’t that usually mean you leave the comforts of technology behind?


12 thoughts on “Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange”

  1. Edwin, I’m guessing you are not a regular camper. If you get really ‘out-there’, deep in the Sierras, or remote Brazil, or Myanmar, SOLAR could save your life. Modern technology? Like water purification? Solar could charge a GPS battery, or perimeter alarms, or a laptop etc.

    A SOLAR TENT could be WAY MORE valuable than a “charged-up-GameBoy” for the Cub Scout Troop camping in the Ozarks!
    SOLAR is here to stay if someone brings it to market!

    • Hi Sunny One,

      I guess the old school thinking of folks who went camping ‘out-there’ before all the modern trappings of GPS and notebooks were available did pretty good without solar, but perhaps the modern camper is more comfortable knowing they can blog about seeing a grizzly live 🙂

  2. Hi Edwin,

    I am definitely an ‘old-school’ camper. I get it. To me blogging is not my style, but having communications, GPS, and maybe some warmth could really be a big deal.

    SOLAR in the Amazon could be the key to finding the cure for cancer … or some other major break-through! SOLAR could help save a family from being lost forever in the Mojave Desert … or Mount Logan, Canada! You just never know.

  3. Jeez what crawled up Sunny One’s butt? doesn’t he realize solar panels are already a reality?? No need to wait for a tent/solar panel combo Sunny “boy wonder” to save that I’ll fated amazon trekking family, oh no, just pop out to wally world and pick up a handy one-size-fits-all solar panel at the end of the camping aisle… Dope.

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