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Glass of Milk Light offers some bedside comfort

milk-lightThere are many reasons as to why some of us find it rather difficult to sleep at night. We can toss and turn all night long, and when the cockerel is about to crow to usher in the dawn, that is when our eyelids start to feel extremely heavy. Some of us would need to follow a routine, such as taking a nice, warm bath in the evening, followed by a nightcap, before we actually enter dreamland. However, for others, a glass of milk might help – with some cookies on the side, too. However, why not let the illusion of a glass of milk invite the Sandman over? This is what the £9.99 Glass of Milk Light is all about.

Basically, the Glass of Milk Light is self explanatory – it will emit a soothing milky-white glow in order to light up the darkness. This is the perfect bedside ambiance for one to read by, and you will be able to bring it along with you so that you can illuminate your way around the night when nature calls, ensuring that you do not end up stubbing your toe against the edge of a cabinet. Since it is powered by a trio of AAA batteries, there are no messy cables to fret over.

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