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The Glass Keyboard takes simplicity and efficiency to an elegant level

Bastron Glass Keyboard

When you get to your home computer, everything is exactly as you want it to be. If you want there to be a gigantic mouse with more buttons than you’ll ever use or a keyboard split in half, you can do that. However, if you want as little on your desk as possible while getting all the necessities out of your hardware, you’ll need to choose what you get carefully, lest you try to buy multiple things that are efficient, and end up overburdening your desk.

If you want to do away with having a mouse and go for more gesture-based controls while still having a keyboard, then you’ll love the Glass Keyboard by Bastron. This is a backlit piece of glass with a keyboard layout printed on it. It lights up either pink or blue, and will not only capture your keystrokes, but can also take gesture controls.

You’ll be able to move and click your cursor with one finger for the left side, and two for the right. There’s also scrolling through swipes with two fingers, waking up your computer with three fingers, restoring windows by swiping three fingers, and maximizing a window by swiping right with four fingers. This $199 purchase will be easy to maneuver after a little bit of practice, but it will very likely take some getting used to at first. This will have to be plugged in via MicroUSB at all times to work, and supports Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Available for purchase via Fancy, found via Redferret