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Glare Reducing Binoculars provide clearer vision from a distance

glare-reducing-binocularsSome of us happen to feel as though we are Batman – but lacking in the financial firepower that the Knight of Gotham has, not to mention the mental acumen to disarm our enemies from afar. Still, collecting a number of gadgets would come in handy whenever you are in a tight spot (or have an adventurous streak), and since the world of binoculars do not seem to take on the idea of convergence too seriously at the moment, you might want to add the $99.95 Glare Reducing Binoculars to keep your Distance Calculating Binoculars company.

The Glare Reducing Binoculars will function as its namesake suggests, where it features a couple of dial-activated filters that improve visibility in the mid-day sun as well as at dusk. This is a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, where it sports a pair of dials on the outer side of each barrel that will engage the built-in red filter, which in turn does its bit to reduce the amount of glare during heavy sunlight while providing clear images without color distortion. There will also be an adjacent pair of dials that engages a yellow filter that enhances visibility during dusk. You can use this pair of binoculars without either filter engaged, if yo so desire. The central focusing knob grants 7X magnification from its BaK-4 glass Porro prism system, yielding an ultra-wide field of view of 546′ at 1,000 yards, where the right ocular lens delivers +/-4 diopter adjustment, and both lenses can be adjusted for interpupillary distance and optimal exit pupil distance.