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Gladiator Glass offers superb protection for your iPhone 6’s display

gladiator-glassGetting a new smartphone is one thing – to keep it protected from the rigors of everyday life is another. I suppose you can say that all iPhone 6 owners are extremely proud of their handsets, but the thing is, one can easily let the spanking new smartphone slip through one’s hands, and this spells nothing but disaster for sure! Apart from having the beautifully crafted chassis chip and getting scratched upon impact, the more devastating damage would be one that happens to the screen – especially when it cracks. Hence, a protective case for a smartphone can be said to be a necessary evil – and Kyasi, an emerging manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, intends to stop such heartbreaks with the Gladiator Glass collection.

Forget about Gorilla Glass – sure that term might sound as though it is really, really tough on the outside, but Gladiator Glass brings safety to a whole new level. We are talking about going on the offensive here, people, with tactical knowledge and toughness that is born out of adversity. Gladiator Glass happens to be the world’s first titanium alloy curved screen protector for the iPhone 6 that comes with a ballistic grade tempered glass screen cover inset, now how about that for uber toughness?

Gladiator Glass will boast of a tempered glass screen protector that delivers the ultimate drop protection, and what sets it apart would be the special curved titanium alloy edges that will wrap around the handset snugly, while featuring protection for the edges of the phone that most screen covers neglect. It is said that with the Gladiator Glass on a smartphone, it is able to offer up to 300% additional protection, sans annoying bubbles and cloudiness.

The screen clarity will remain at 99.9% clear, and it is virtually invisible on the screen itself, without requiring you to suffer from a loss of touch sensitivity, and you can choose from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models.

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