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GJS reveals first GEIO FPS battle robot

geioThere is a certain degree of fascination when it comes to robots and robotics, as we continue to plunge headlong into the 21st century. What if I were to propose the ideal of normal humans duking it out with one another, except that their consciousness has been connected to that of metal bodies in the form of gigantic robots? GJS has taken a small step in the right direction with the GEIO, which is touted to be the world’s first FPS battle robot which will leverage on visual recognition technology.

With an asking price of just $109, this is a unique battle robot that is more than capable of offering a fully immersive experience. The GEIO battle robot features auto-tracking as well as a range of gameplay modes, which would in turn make it one of the best battle robots that are available at the consumer price range.

The GEIO’s design concept has resulted in an amazing battle bot that is extremely versatile, where it is also very easy to control. In order to get a taste of what such FPS is able to do for robot gaming, players would need to hook up their respective smart devices with GEIO; where they will then be transported into a dynamic environment with an immersive battle to follow. Boasting of FPS and visual recognition, GEIO is capable of delivering mighty battling abilities, in addition to a quartet of classical gameplay modes. One of them would be the all-time favourite “Royal Duel”, “Attack and Escort”, “Scavenger Hunt” and “Speed Race”.

GEIO is fully capable of auto-targeting and tracking the enemy, which makes the player’s task easier since he or she can shoot the target within 1 second. The realm of robot toys have certainly progressed by leaps and bounds over the past few years, as we are now reaping the due rewards.

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