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Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookie Oven won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight

toaster-girl-scoutI am quite sure that one of the quintessential American experiences would be to purchase cookies that are being sold by Girl Scouts who knock on your front door. You certainly do not want to disappoint the sweet little face standing in front of you, even though the cookies do not look to be fit for consumption, leaving you in a rather awkward social dilemma. Having said that, if you are a perfectionist and would like your future troopers to be well prepared when it comes to baking Girl Scout cookies themselves, then the $59.95 Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookie Oven does seem to be an interesting alternative.

It will rely on specially formulated mixes so that young bakers are able to make cookies that remind them of the iconic flavors which have been popularized by the Girl Scouts for close to a century, ranging from Thin Mints and shortbread Trefoils to Peanut Butter Sandwich and coconut-topped Samoas. The oven itself will arrive with a safe ceramic heating element that preheats up to four times faster as opposed to common toy ovens, and it takes a mere quarter of an hour to bake a batch of half a dozen cookies. The entire shebang comes with a baking pan, spatula, measuring tool, and Thin Mint starter mix. Of course, you can eventually “graduate” these young ones to a proper oven in due time.