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Gigastone delivers a brand new microSD memory card reader

gigastoneWhen it comes to portable memory, there are many different forms in which we are able to indulge in. The thing is, with so many choices of USB flash drives and memory cards, which are the ones which we are supposed to gun for? The microSD memory card, when it was first released, became an instant hit for the sheer amount of storage space that it carries without having to be larger than your average fingernail. Well, time has since passed — and so has technology, that allows the microSD memory card to stash in far larger amounts than ever before, not to mention being more accessible in terms of the sheer number of devices that support it, smartwatches included. Well, this time around Gigastone has decided to deliver a brand new microSD memory card reader for the masses.

What makes this particular Gigastone microSD memory card reader different from the rest that are in the market is the fact that it is the first of its kind. For instance, it is an iOS flash drive that is also capable of taking in a standard issue microSD memory card, now how about that for versatility?

After all, the ability to slide a card into a tiny device, and then to plug it into your iPhone or iPad and extend your memory is sheer sensation. This Apple MFi certified device is groundbreaking to say the least. According to President of Gigastone, Michel Hassan, “With our free, exceptional App Store software, it is amazing what can be done with this tiny device. Gigastone has by far the best iPhone Flash Drive Management software by far. The software is unique and only works with the Gigastone products. Our extensive range of drives, superior software, product quality and commitment to our customers, make us the leader in the field.”

Among the features include extending both iPhone and iPad memory, being able to download YouTube videos to external memory, to transfer photos off your iPhone and iPad to free space, to transfer photos or watch movies on it, or even to function as a backup for your iPhone or iPad. Any takers?

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