Gigantic projected pinball machine for the Festival of Lights

There is nothing that I love more this time a year then giant, overly elaborate Christmas light displays. Someone at the Festival of Lights 2011 in Lyon has created a light display that can be used all years.
The reason why is because this display is a giant pinball machine, which will always be in season, even though the fad peaked at least thirty years ago.
There is a video after the jump if you want to see it in motion, but my source doesn’t tell me how it was all rigged up. The flippers look projected on there, and I would imagine that the rest of the lights were actually fixed up like neon.
This Urban Flipper is designed by Carol Martin and Thibaut Berbezier, and it covers the Celestins theater. There is some serious 3D mapping technology on this facade, which seems to be made for a big pinball machine. It makes me wonder what other buildings can be made into giant pinball machines. How about the Notre Dame cathedral? Is that too much?
I have no idea how long this display will be on display, or how much it costs to play it. Something tells me it is more than a quarter.