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Gift Ideas for the Office Worker

Working in an office can be a pretty dull experience, however thanks to gadgets you can make the cubicle a fun place to be, in our continuing series of gift ideas here’s a list of gadgets for the office monkey (priced cheap to silly money).

Geeky Badge Holders

Badge Holders

If you have to wear an identity badge all day at least you can now make it a little different with these cool badge holders, are you a geek, ninja or pirate?
The badge holders cost $5.99 each from TG.

Staple Free Stapler

Staple Free Stapler

Okay so this is a some what boring gift, but come on it’s cheap, the stapleless stapler.

Staples are history! You”ll never have to run out of them again. The Staple Free Stapler cuts out tiny strips of paper and uses the strips to stitch up to 5 pieces of paper together. Environmentally friendly. Safe for kids. Comes in six colors: black, blue, green, red, chrome and orange.

Available from Amazon for $7.95.


Digital Voice Recorder Pen

Digital Voice Recorder Pen

With this pen you don’t need to write anything down you can record it instead, great for the lazy minute taker (provided the meeting only lasts 60 seconds).

The digital voice recorder pen is for sale at Discovery for $19.95.


Desk Air Con

Desktop Air Conditioning

Okay it’s not exactly the weather for air conditioning, but I’m sure it will be appreciated in the summer.

Simply fill the supplied bottle with water, freeze it, place it back in the chamber and turn the power switch on. That’s it! Now you are ready to enjoy a cool, relaxing gentle breeze any time, anywhere and since it uses only natural water for cooling, the Desktop Air Conditioner is economical to use. Ideal for use wherever personal cooling is required.

Available at Think Geek for $22.99.


Cubicle Alarm

Shooting Cubicle Alarm System

If your colleague is somewhat work shy then this next gift idea could come in very useful, the Shooting Cubicle Alarm System.

Each unit has an ever-watchful motion sensor. The first line of defense is lovingly referred to as Alarm 1. When Alarm 1 is tripped two very important things happen. First, it flashes and klaxons to signal an intrusion. But (and this is the kicker) it also arms Alarms 2 and 3 using invisible wireless signals. Alarm 2 also has an audible alarm, but it is louder than Alarm 1. It also will spot the varmint with a red light beam. Alarm 3 is the coolest; when it is tripped two safe (but surprising) missiles will be launched at the now-fleeing interloper.

You can alarm your work area for $39.99.


USB Missile Launcher

USB Missile Launcher

Silly but cool, the USB missile launcher.

This desktop missile launcher uses pressurized air to shoot three foam projectiles up to 10′, and unlike lesser models, this one does not require the use of batteries and is powered by a PC via USB cable. The included software CD installs a control panel on your computer, allowing you to swivel the launcher 180° and tilt 45°, and shoot missiles at unsuspecting targets at the touch of a button.

You can buy the USB missile launcher from Hammacher for $49.95.


Air Hogs

Remote Control Toys

They may not be that conducive to work but what better place than the office to battle it out with R/C tanks or helicopters.

Check out our remote control toys guide to see what fun stuff is available.


Desktop Light Therapy Box

Desktop Light Therapy Box
Being holed up in an office all day is not good for you, what you need is a bit of natural day light. Or failing that some artificial daylight at your desk (until you’ve climbed the corporate ladder high enough to get a window seat).

The device delivers 5,000 lux of daylight spectrum light to provide bright light therapy that is a safe, drug-free way to counteract the effects of work fatigue, jet lag, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a psychological phenomenon suffered by over 35 million Americans that causes depression, fatigue, and irritability due to a lack of sunshine. Just 30 minutes of exposure to the light from this slim box can block the release of melatonin, a sleep hormone. With less melatonin, people find they have increased energy levels and alertness.

So basically if you have a stroppy work colleague buy him one of these. The
Desktop Light Therapy Box is available for $89.95.


digital picture frame

Digital Picture Frame

What better way to remind somebody of what they’re missing when they are stuck in the office, than with a digital picture frame. Let them choose what pictures to look at during the working day and if you get them a Wi-Fi version you could always email them pictures whilst you are away enjoying yourself on holiday 🙂 .

For further info check out our digital picture frame reviews post.

World Clock Map

Geochron World Clock

This is my office present of choice, but considering it costs $1,695.95 I ain’t holding my breath.

Used by NASA to aid in satellite tracking and by the Pentagon to synchronize troop deployment, this full-color moving map shows at a glance what time it is throughout the world. The 15 x 26-inch map revolves within its frame at precisely the same speed as the earth’s rotation and continuously displays what areas of the earth lie in daylight or darkness.

The cool Geochron World Clock costs a whopping $1,695.95 at Hammacher.