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Gift Ideas for the Golf Enthusiast

Continuing with our coolest gadgets gift guide here we have a load of gifts to buy for the golf enthusiast (mainly gadgety but some may even be useful).

Golf for Dummies Book and CD

Golf for Dummies

This is nice gift for the beginner or big headed accomplished golfer.

If you don’t know the difference between a lob wedge and a lemon wedge, check out Golf for Dummies, by CBS commentator Gary McCord, one of the game’s most colorful–and knowledgeable–characters. It’s a wonderful, often hilarious, never boring introduction to the game.

The book is available from Amazon for $7.99 at the time of writing.

Joke Golf Balls

Joke Golf Ball Set

One for the golfer with a sense of humor.

set of four Prank Golf Balls which include our Exploder – which disintegrates into a white cloud of smoke when hit, Jet-Streamer – When hit, The Jet Streamer ejects 15 feet of streaming red ribbon., The Phantom – it implodes in to a giant wall of water when hit., and finally the Unputtaball – This will wiggle, go everyway but straight when hit.

Cost: $12.89 at Amazon.

Electronic Scorecard

Electronic Golf Scorecard
Because a pencil and paper is so last season.

Our Electronic Golf Scorecard tracks strokes and holes played, calculates scores and even saves your best round—all at the touch of a button.

Price: $25 from Brookstone.

Automatic Golf Tee

Automatic Golf Tee

This device automatically tees a golf ball perfectly every time, allowing golfers to practice chipping, driving, or putting on grass or mats without changing stance to set the ball. It holds up to 35 golf balls and doesn’t require a power source; by simply lowering the arm with your club, the device places the next ball onto the tee.

For sale for $34.95 at Hammacher

Electronic Drink Caddie

Electronic Drink Caddie

Who says you need to wait until the nineteenth hole.

The perfectly discreet way to enjoy hot or cold drinks right from your golf bag. It looks like a regulation driver, but its secret is the one-button dispensing pump. Designed to sit unobtrusively in a side pocket so it doesn’t take up space inside

Cost: $99.95 at Brookstone.

Golf watch

Golf Swing Analyzing Watch

We reported on the golf swing analyzing watch earlier in the year and it’s still cool but a tad on the expensive side.

If you take your golfing seriously (or just like spending a load of money on golf gadgets) and want to know everything there is to know about your golf swing then this watch could be the answer.
The golf swing analysing watch records a load of statistics about your swing, including:

  1. Tempo
  2. Rhythm
  3. Backswing length
  4. Club-head speed
  5. and the time

If you’re buying this as a gift you must be either loaded or really love the recipient as it will cost you $399.95.

Stewart Golf X3R Remote Golf Caddie

Stewart Golf X3R Remote Golf Caddie

It might look like a futuristic lawn mower, but this is described as the “the fairway Ferrari” motorized golf caddie and don’t know any golfer that wouldn’t be impressed getting one of these for Chrimbo.

A first-of-its-kind cruise-control system lets you select any of four programmable speeds. Features gradual braking plus an emergency brake for immediate stopping. Includes convenient storage for balls, tees, towel, scorecard and pencil; and a gimbal-mounted drink holder that adjusts for long or short bottles and cans.

The remote control golf caddie costs $1,995.00 from Sharper Image.

Golden Tee Arcade Game for the Home

Golden Tee Home Arcade Game.
This is for die hard golfer that finds there just aren’t enough daylight hours (and also has a very rich friend), the Golden Tee Home Arcade Game.

This is the video game that is officially licensed by the makers of Golden Tee, played by more than 10 million tavern-goers each year and renowned as one of the most popular golf video games available, allowing you to play arcade-style golf in the comfort of your home. Each of the 29 included courses have two additional par-4 holes that are reachable from the tee, ensuring better odds of an eagle for players of all skill levels, while a drop feature allows you to place the ball on the fairway and take a penalty stroke instead of attempting to play through an impossible lie.

Cost: $3,999.95 (Ouch).