Giant Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are pretty fancy stuff, and they hardly seem to get old at all. Well, hopefully they will still be around a century from now when we’re all wearing TRON-like suits. If that’s the case, then “investing” in this £2400 Giant Lava Lamp might seem like a good idea – imagine the kind of money it might be able to fetch in the future! Made to order by Mathmos, inventors of the original, generation-defining Lava Lamp, they are definitely jaw-dropping and impressive – be prepared to have your guests walk into the room and be amazed. Standing up to a couple of meters tall and measuring 20cm in diameter, we would definitely recommend keeping running kids away from this lest they accidentally knock it over, spilling more than a couple thousand quid in the process. Mathmos will also coat it in any colour you fancy, which is the right thing to do considering you have forked out a king’s ransom for it. Giant Lava Lamps use a slightly different formulation to their smaller siblings, and must be filled on site. The liquid within is expected to last approximately 2000 hours, good thing refill packs are available. Just make sure you know where you want to plant this, since it cannot be moved once installed.