Giant Inflatable Projector Screen

Inflatable Projector Screen
If you like watching your sport outdoors but prefer watching it on the screen rather than in a stadium then the giant inflatable screen could be just what you never realised you wanted.

Taken from the retailers website (so may be more biased than usual):

Inflatable home theater screen and your own projector let you create a ‘drive-in’ experience right in your own backyard.

Big, weatherproof 8-ft. screen inflates in just 4 minutes with the powered air pump. Connect the two weatherized outdoor amplified speakers with full range sound and you’re ready to watch a movie or the big game with your family or friends. Screen secures to the ground for steady viewing. Theater deflates for easy storage. Screen is durable, weatherproof PVC. Two nylon rope screen tie-downs keep it stable. Amplified speakers are weatherized for outdoor use. Theater works with most projectors (not included). 8-ft. l x 7-ft. h.

I’m not sure what the picture quality will be like and remember you still need a projector unless you enjoy making hand shadows on a big white $999 screen :).

Available from Brookstone found via Book of Joe, thanks!