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Giant Display Alarm Clock

There are alarm clocks, and then there are alarm clocks. For starters, the $89.95 Giant Display Alarm Clock that you see on the right will be able to show off the time in large 4” digits which can be viewed easily from right across the room. Of course, if you own a castle, then “room” would be the wrong word to describe where you place the Giant Display Alarm Clock, as it would be too cavernous for its 4” tall digits to be readable. Ah well, since most of us do not own a castle, then the Giant Display Alarm Clock would be ideal for folks who are sick and tired of interpreting analog clocks and small digit digital clocks.
The red LED numbers have also been specially set against a high-visibility black background, making it easily readable in daylight, as well as in darkness. Both the time as well as its alarm can be set via the buttons on the clock, or if you want, you can make use of the included wireless remote control. You can check out the time in either 12- or 24-hour formats, and it has a favorite feature of most folks who do not get enough sleep – a remote-operated snooze function. The remote is powered by two AA batteries, so make sure you have enough spare AA batteries in your home to ensure you will never fail to tell the time correctly.