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Giant Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer

giant-coffee-table-touchscreenNot all coffee tables are created equal – the $7,000 Giant Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer can certainly attest to that, otherwise, how else would it be able to come with such an insane price tag, so much so that you could buy a decent second hand car with that kind of money? Well, there must be something about this particular coffee table that would require you to fork out some serious coin for it, other than the fact that it would fit in nicely into any living room regardless of the decoration around it.

The bulk of the money would go into the innards of this particular coffee table, where a fully functional Windows 8 computer has been incorporated within, alongside a 32″ touch screen display, which makes this ideal for checking out enlarged photos or maps, in addition to playing games (simple ones would be best, especially those that require a touchscreen display), or enabling multiple users to comfortably view the same data from the couch without missing a beat. On top of the table lies an anti-glare LCD screen which functions in the same way as that of a tablet – albeit at a far larger size. Other features include half a dozen touch points which pave the way for easy navigation, apart from 1,366 x 768 resolution. It will be powered by an Intel Core i5 3.2GHz processor, 6GB RAM, a 500GB hard drive, sports a quartet of USB ports, DVI, audio-out, and microphone ports, a 1GB graphics card, Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth connectivity.

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  1. We can get better Pc about $$$, beter monotor $$$, and much aesthetic special order table about $$$. So, it is not serious price for this ugly object.

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