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Giant Animal Massage Slipper lets you slip into pure bliss

giant-animal-massage-slipperEach of us happen to be involved in jobs – you know, to earn a living and all that jazz. However, some of us happen to be doing just what we love for a living, while others are merely existing as there are bills to pay at the end of the month. This can get rather stressful, actually, and hence a little bit of rest and recreation would definitely come in handy at the end of a particularly long and challenging week. If you cannot afford to get a masseuse to drop by your home, how about getting a robot to do the job? A robot of sorts, the £29.99 Giant Animal Massage Slipper is definitely too cute to look at.

All that you need to do is to find yourself a comfortable chair, and slip your tired and calloused feet into these animals, and you will be sent to a new level of bliss and amazement. Each of these cute critters come with a built-in massager, where the toasty euphoria envelopes your feet with a luxurious soft plush feel to boot. The sole itself will come covered in non-slip dimples, and unless you’re a hobbit, one size fits most. If you are using this just for yourself, then there is no need to slip on a pair of socks beforehand for hygiene purposes.

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