Ghostbusters Plush with Sound

Once in a while, you come across an icon from a cult hit of a movie that certainly deserves its place in the pantheon of plush – and the $19.99 Ghostbusters Plush fits the bill perfectly, featuring different audio playback, depending on the kind of character you decided on. As the name implies, the Ghostbusters Plush is meant to be squeezed – after all, just which plush does not warrant a nice, tight hug? You will be able to choose from a Happy Stay Puft, an Angry Stay Puft, and Slimer himself.
Squeezing a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will result in the Ghostbusters theme song played back – just the chorus, nothing more, nothing less. The audio is the same regardless of whether you decide on the Angry Stay Puft or the Happy Stay Puft. As for those who prefer something more morbid, there is the Slimer plush, where each squeeze will have him make gross noises only Slimer can make, perking up those with curious ears all around you.