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Ghostbusters Floating Slimer still won’t harm you

floating-slimerRemember the Ghostbusters? Well, that was one zany bunch of characters from the 1980s, and the kind of uniforms which the team wore – urgh! Surely they will need a fashion consultant, but at the very least these were the kind of ghostbusters that the ghosts themselves love – since the team only busts them naughty ghosts, leaving the good ones alone. Heck, if you’re as lucky as Slimer, you would even get adopted into the family, now how about that? The $59.99 Ghostbusters Floating Slimer would make for an interesting piece of decoration in your home this coming Halloween though.

The Ghostbusters Floating Slimer will boast of eyes that actually light up, and it glows in the dark, too! Apart from that, why not go the whole nine yards and play the theme song as well? The only thing it cannot do is to float through walls, now if that happens with your purchase, perhaps it is time to call an actual team of paranormal activity folks, and keep all of your food away from its sight! Powered by a trio of AA batteries, thankfully there is an On/Off switch to preserve energy – and your sanity, too.

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