Get Gadgety Schwag Every Month

Trade-shows are great, you get to see loads of cool stuff and pocket lots of freebies, conferences can also be cool from the freebie perspective though they can also cure many an insomniac. You might be thinking what has that got to do with the title and what is schwag so read on and all will be revealed.

Schwag is the name given to the free stuff that tech companies give out for various reasons:

  • As means of advertising
  • Enticing you to spend your bosses money
  • Show off

Generally to qualify you’ve got to go to shows or conferences and at least feign interest in the product. Then grab a handful pens, try on that fetching baseball cap and hope they offer you a new T-shirt to save on the need for this weeks trip to the laundrette.

Well you can now get your monthly dosage of schwag without even leaving your home thanks to a new company in Calafornia, Valley Schwag. For a monthly fee of $14.95 they’ll send you a bag of schwag. Each schwag bag is guaranteed to contain at least one “quality” t-shirt so could be good value. I’m going to sign up and will report back on the sort of stuff I get over the next few months.

[Valley Schwag found via ProBlogger]