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Gesture-controlled Light Switch

Every once in while, some new gadget comes out that revolutionizes a common ordinary item. Today, the item in question is the light switch. You wouldn’t think the light switch needed any update of any kind, as it is a simple on-off mechanism designed for one purpose. The only update I have ever seen for this normal household item is the dial that dims the lights.

This one concept gadget could easily be the future of light switches. It uses a touch-sensitive plate like the type found on most laptops. This square pad allows control of not just one, but multiple lights.

All you need to do is slide your finger, and it turns individual lights on and off. Apparently, a circular motion can control the lights, presumably to dim them. There are even plans to use the touch-sensitive controls for climate control.

Of course, you realize that this touch sensitive pad won’t solve the problem we all have of which switch controls which light. I think I have a row of four on my wall, and I always forget which one is the hall light. Something tells me this touch-sensitive pad will make things a little more confusing, at least at first.


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    I am prabhu, i am an Interior Designer living in Chennai ( India ) . I wanna buy Gesture-controlled Light how should i buy and what’s the procedure? Can you send your customer service mail ID so that, i can clarify my doubts……..please reply ASAP.


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