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Gesture Controlled Gyrobot makes you feel like a Jedi

gesture-gyrobotEver wished that you were able to perform a Jedi mind trick on weaker minded people out there? Perhaps humans and other organic lifeforms would not respond to your hand gestures the way you would want them to, but with the $129.95 Gesture Controlled Gyrobot, surely this would not escalate to be an issue at all.

The Gesture Controlled Gyrobot is a children’s robot that is capable of balancing on a couple of wheels, and it will move in response to hand gestures. It sports an integrated gyroscope which would keep him upright at all times, reminding me of the Murata Cheerleader robots. There are integrated sensors which will be able to detect his master’s hand motions. Using the Gesture Controlled Gyrobot is a snap – all that you need to do is to place your palm in front of the glowing light that is in his belly, before you move your hand to him directly, and his autonomous mode would allow him to navigate around obstacles.

Alternatively, if you have plenty of time and ideas, you can opt to program him to memorize up to 50 movements – and he will repeat whenever you clap. Control him using your smartphone or tablet if you must via a free app, too, guiding him via the app through on-screen buttons, or perhaps to map out his route.