Gest lets you control your computer without a mouse and keyboard


Sometimes when you’re in a great work flow on your computer, you get annoyed at how long it takes to switch between tasks. There are keyboard shortcuts we can use to expedite certain things, but even then they don’t seem like they’re moving fast enough for what we want. While we haven’t gotten to the point where our minds can control our computers, it is possible for your computer to understand gestures.

While there are certainly some options out there like this already, Gest seems like a really neat way to work with your computer through gesture. This interaction tool will give you a new level of speed as it packs 15 sensors into each hand device. All that sensing means any hand or finger twitches will be read as commands, and you can program it to understand what all of your movements mean. It would be a bit weird to have little finger cuffs on for the first few times of using these things, but you likely wouldn’t even notice them after a while.

The palm strap and finger mounts are completely adjustable since everyone has differently sized grippers. It will take a little time to program this how you’d like, but this is said to learn how you perform common gestures over time. You’ll be able to point, swipe, flick, and grab at the screen for everything from typing to Photoshop. Getting two of these is going to cost you $350, or you can opt for one at an obviously lower price point.

More information and crowdfunding on Kickstarter