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GE’s handheld ultrasound scanner

GE ultrasoundI’m sure you have figured this out by now, but that device to the left is not a phone, but an ultrasound. Considering the last time I saw an ultrasound, it had a whole room devoted to it, but this one is the size of a Blackberry.

GE is the pioneer of this new mobile device called the Vscan. It is designed for doctors who are making house calls. Instead of bringing the patient to the hospital or doctor’s office, the device can come to the mother. I’ll bet that they have to use that really cold creamy stuff that is the bane of pregnant mothers everywhere.

GE has just unveiled this device at the Web 2.0 summit, and they estimate that its cost will be about $250,000. That is not enough for every expectant father to own one of these, but at least low enough so a hospital could have at least one handy.

Personally, I like the idea of every expectant father owning an ultrasound device. I heard Tom Cruise purchased a Sonogram machine when he was about to have baby Suri, and I think every new dad should watch with expectation the birth of their children. Perhaps the technology will improve and the ultrasound will be an iPhone app in a few years.


8 thoughts on “GE’s handheld ultrasound scanner”

  1. I don’t think multiple ultra sounds are proven to be safe yet are they? So I don’t know if I would want these in the hands of every expecting couple.

  2. It’s great and convenient to create small diagnostic ultrasound devices like this one. The only problem is that the operator most have an incredible eye sight to avoid missing pathology. I will admire those sonographers and sonologist that will be able to use this device to its fullest potential. I personally have been in the shared service field for over 20 years, I have done applications, teaching, traveling, etc… Based on the size I believe that the Vscan will be an asset in the ER and/or the battle field.
    In regards that numerous ultrasound exam are not safe for the newborn is still to be proven; However, the AIUM advices to keep the scan time to a minimum, and the output power to the lowest. That is why the ultrasound exam should be performed by someone with at least the basic academic and clinical preparation shown by passing the ARDMS boards. Always demand for a credential sonographer to perform your exam, especially on the exam (body part). If you have further questions,please go to

  3. Following from previous post, the siemens P10 has been around for a few years and there are at least another two or three (mainly BW) handheld scanners out there.. its just GE’s marketing is really good.

  4. Its getting better.. now you can buy a usb ultrasound probe; plug it into your laptop and u have a scanner!!
    Have a look at this website:

  5. Well first of all Mark I would like for you to know their is a medical reason why ultrasounds are done for pregnancy. Ultrasounds are not for gender, or to just “look” at the baby. Actually, ignorant people like yourself are what I deal with all day. Do you not realize there may be something seriously wrong with the child. Do you know how many idiots I have scanned who only care about the gender and get upset because its not what they want. Meanwhile Im thinking you are going to feel like a retard when you find out your child does not have a brain and will die as soon as it is born! It is called anencephaly it is a congenital birth defect look it up, along with the many others ultrasound helps find to give your child a chance to live. It is because of people like you the ARDMS (sonography accreditation program) and the states are passing laws to prevent non medical use of sonography. So next time you go and get an ultrasound, instead ask the tech if your child is ok and worry about that not the gender!

  6. It’s not as clear to use for detailed fetal development but is great to use for a quick look my Dr just used one since my husband has been over seas and brought it right into the room and allowed my husband to see the baby for the first time being able to save a image and email would be great and sound to hear heartbeat

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