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German scientists use lasers to create clouds

This is an interesting device I saw this morning that could easily signal a new era for Mother Earth.

As you can see from the picture, a laser has been used to create clouds. It was actually some German scientists, and they didn’t just point a laser at the sky and make clouds.

No, these guys shot some lasers into a chamber of some water-saturated air at about -24 degrees Celsius.

Okay, I think that we all see the next step here. After all, if we can create clouds, why can’t we create clouds that can do rain? In that case, can’t we create clouds that can do snow?

In fact, let’s just create a system of lasers that will totally control the world’s weather. Man, that sounds like the plot of some cartoonish villain doesn’t it?

Actually, it was the plot of the 1998 TV-to-movie remake of The Avengers. Yeah, Sean Connery had the power to control the weather, and “now is the winter of your discontent”.

Yeah, this weather control could easily be abused by super-villains, but I’m going to say that I would use this to seriously make it rain in the desert.

Of course, I’m not certain what kind of eco-system we would be creating with this type of technology. It’s fun to contemplate, though.