Genius unveils EasyPen i405 and MousePen i608


Genius, a peripheral manufacturer on the, well, periphery, is back with a couple of new devices for those artsy-fartsy folks. These two models would add to the range of digital tablets in the form of the EasyPen i405 and MousePen i608, targeting business professionals, graphic designers and artists who are always on-the-go. These tablets will play nice with both Macs and PCs and they are accompanied by a variety of useful software. Let us take a look at both the EasyPen i405 and MousePen i608 in further detail right after the jump.

The EasyPen i405 is equipped with 28 programmable “Hot-Keys”, while the MousePen i608 comes with an additional one that enables instant and easy access to common Office and Internet functions. For the cordless pen, it will comes with 1024-level pressure sensitivity and two buttons for controlling shapes and thickness while you’re busy drawing or writing. The working area of the EasyPen i405 measures 4” x 5.5”, making it a snap to tote around when you’re out on your travels. This working area is suitable for use in a car, coffee shop or any type of mobile office, although we’re wondering why you would want to work around in a car when it is all bumpy. As for the MousePen i608, this model will feature a larger 8” x 6” working area that is equipped with a cordless mouse with integrated scroll wheel for ease and convenience while using the tablet.

Both tablets are suitable for writing, drawing, sketching and/or signing documents, helping save time while creating a great solution to paper waste. Users can also use these tablets to edit their photos, make comments, personalize documents and navigate their workspace for the perfect personal touch. It is perfect for creative types who like drawing, bloggers, artists, and anyone craving a digital pen as opposed to a keyboard, which only allows typing. The EasyPen i405 is going for $79 while the MousePen i608 is more expensive at $99.

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