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Genius DVR-HD500D Dual Lens Vehicle Recorder settles accident disputes once and for all

genius-dvr-hd500dHave you ever been involved in a fender bender before? Whenever there are no other eyewitnesses around other than you and the other person in the vehicle, it is only your word and the other person’s after lodging an accident report. If only there was a way for the authorities to see that you were totally not at fault apart from a verbal presentation. That is made possible with vehicle recorders, but the folks over at Genius have gone one step further with the Genius DVR-HD500D Dual Lens Vehicle Recorder that has just been announced to go for sale in North America.

The Genius DVR-HD500D Dual Lens Vehicle Recorder will see a couple of vehicle recorders, connected via a cable, do a fantastic job of making sure that nothing goes unnoticed in the event of an accident. There will be one recorder that is located on the front windshield, where it will record in 720p, while there will be another one that is located on the rear windshield, recording in 480p so that you have both ends covered. The Genius DVR-HD500D will be able to record road conditions that are both in front and behind the vehicle, simultaneously, where its 130 degree wide angle view and high-definition video capture would pave the way for excellent video quality during playback – which is extremely crucial when you need to pony up evidence that it is not your fault in an accident.

It made me wonder actually, how come standard vehicle recorders will only capture what is in front, and not behind? Looks like the folks over at Genius have already answered this particular issue, and just so that you know, the rear recorder will be hooked up to the DVR via a 19 feet long cable. Each time your vehicle is started, the recording will commence automatically, which means that all important evidence will be retained. All data will be stashed away on a microSDHC memory card, and the Genius DVR-HD500D will retail for $169 if you’re interested.

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