Geneva WorldRadio announced

They say that man does not live on bread alone, and those folks are absolutely correct. After all, what is the point of life if there is no music? Long before there were movies to entertain folks en masse, there is the radio. I guess you can say that radio programs are the equivalent of books, especially when those require you to make use of your imagination. Movies are definitely an art form that is worth watching, but the directors (and special effects team these days) tend to do all of the “thinking” on your behalf, so much so that your imagination more or less remains in a dormant manner. Well, if you want to get back to the world of radio, perhaps you can do so in style with the WorldRadio from Geneva?
Yes sir, the Geneva WorldRadio is a contemporary take on the classic world receiver, where the world receiver is actually a radio which had the operational capability of receiving all of the available radio stations simply by using the broadcasting technologies of that particular era, such as FM, long, and short waves. Fast forward to today, and you will find that majority of the popular local radio stations will be broadcast over FM, while select European countries decide to take the DAB digital radio route, and of course, how can we leave out the thousands of other Internet radio stations?
You can say that the new Geneva WorldRadio would be a converging point for all the above mentioned, since with just a single device, you are able to access to the complete offering of today’s radio stations, in addition to what the classic world receiver did for generations prior. Just what does the Geneva WorldRadio pack? Of course, it boasts of a powerful audio system, a digital color display with touch controls, a digital FM tuner, Bluetooth capability to go wireless if you want that vision for your home, and an alarm clock, all crammed into an elegant, streamlined chassis with aluminum handle and tuning controls.
You can pick up the Geneva WorldRadio from next month onwards in silver, red, and black metallic finishes for $299.95 a pop.
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