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General Electric unveils more digital camera lines

General Electric cameras

General Imaging (GIC) is the exclusive licensee of GE digital cameras, have just revealed a whole new line of digital cameras that will comprise of various specifications and functions to make sure that there is something for everybody, regardless of whether they are everyday photographers or picture-taking-fanatics. After all, most folks won’t have General Electric in their minds when it comes to digital cameras since other companies have been churning out shooters for far longer, but at least it is encouraging to see GIC make an effort in this consumer electronics department. We’ll take a closer look at the various kinds of digital cameras made available right after the jump.

GE Active Series – G5WP

The waterproof G5WP will definitely find a place in the pockets of folks who love leading an active lifestyle, especially if you have a fondness of going on snorkeling and diving trips. Comprising of a sturdy metal design, the G5WP comes with a 4X internal zoom lens that helps you capture amazing pictures or video shots, whether you are on land or under the water in full 12.2-megapixel glory. The G5WP comes in graphite gray, raspberry red and ocean blue colors sometime later this Q2 for $179.99 a pop.

GE Power Pro Series – X5

As for the X5 digital camera from the Power Pro series, this model sports the latest in intuitive high-tech features that are crammed into a professional, easy to use design. Features include optical image stabilization, a powerful 15X zoom, ISO 3200 and a 28mm lens. It too, will be released later this Q2 for $149.99.

GE Power Series – E1486TW and E1480W

For those who want something with more punch without breaking the bank, there is the GE E1486TW and E1480W which are the latest additions to the Power Series family. First unveiled at CES 2010 last month, both the E1486TW and E1480W come with highly‐coveted features, where among them include the ability to film high‐definition movies, Optical Image Stabilization, 14‐megapixels of resolution, a large 3″ LCD display and 8X optical zoom, all crammed into a body that is just 0.83″ thin. The E1480W will be released in Q2 later this year for $149.99, while the E1486TW is available later this quarter for $179.99. Expect to choose from black, red and silver colors.