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Geizeer is a super cheap cooling option that will save on your energy bill


How often do you turn off your refrigerator? The answer is never, because turning it off for just a few hours could spoil the food inside. Since you’re going to be running it regardless and its whole purpose in life is to keep things cold to freezing, why not use it to your advantage, and cut down on your own electricity bill during the heat of the summer?

Since your freezer will be running regardless of how hot or not it is outside, the Geizeer will use that fact to its advantage. Born from a start-up company that couldn’t get an air conditioner, this little wooden box keeps a freeze pack inside and uses a fan to disperse cold air for up to 4 hours, though the battery will last for 7 without a charge. This is a personal device that can cool down a space of 129 square feet once the cooling pack is in place and the blue dots on the two wooden halves are aligned. When you want to turn it off, simply rotate the top half so that the blue dots aren’t aligned anymore.

The fan in the upper half is powered through an internal battery which will need to occasionally be charged via micro USB. It draws hot air into the cube through the grid, and pushes cool air out through the sides. On the top of the cooling pack is a space for air fresheners to add a little something extra to the room. This will cost you around $97, unless you want to get extra ice-packs, which will cost you even more.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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  1. The device is WAY too small to actually “cool a room of about 12 square meters.” for 4 hours. At least not to any meaningful amount.

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