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Gearheads can now be Gear-Fingers with Tire rings

all tiresBrian Bergeron of Brian Bergeron designs has a sweet new ring set out. They’re rings with tire treads on them.

I’m not much for man-jewelry, (just the wedding ring, and yes, it’s titanium) but these are really sweet!

Perfect for the dude (or lady) that loves to roll.

They come in:

  • mountain bike tread
  • motorcycle (road racing)
  • car tyre
  • truck tyre

(see Al I wrote it your way!).

You can order them in Silver (standard), Gold and Platinum are available on request. They start around $100USD for silver (and go up from there).

Also, if I make my guess right, it looks like he probably rapid prototypes his casting bucks, polishes, casts, and finishes the metal,, cool!! (if that’s indeed how he’s doing it)

I’m looking for slicks Brian!!!

Brian Bergeron Designs

Thanks Uncrate

2 thoughts on “Gearheads can now be Gear-Fingers with Tire rings”

  1. Hey i am trying to find one of these beautiful car tire rings for my boyfriend for christmas but they are toooooo expensive i was wondering if you could put up a christmas sale

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