G-cluster delivers cloud gaming to the masses

Don’t you miss the good old days when certain words had meanings that are so far removed from today? For instance, ‘gay’ meant happy and without a care in the world, and ‘cloud’ was a noun used to describe those fluffy white things in the sky, and if you looked closely enough, you would be able to find angels strumming their harps and lyres while humming a soothing tune. Well, fast forward to the 21st century, ‘cloud’ has taken on an entirely different meaning, where it is now widely accepted in the computing world as a platform where your data and even processing can be done remotely, as everything is connected via the Internet to the cloud. It is an ideal way to work with your files stored on the cloud, and you need not worry about folks stealing some crucial files when you are on the move. Since we are on the topic of cloud services, how about moving from something serious like work to a more casual activity like gaming?

 G-cluster is currently inviting IPTV and wireless operators and game publishers to jump aboard the cloud bandwagon, especially at CES 2013 that is happening in Las Vegas early next year. Basically, G-cluster is best described to be a fully-featured white label service that offers the largest deployments at scale, sporting the most deployed catalog of casual and AAA games, and they fully intend to debut their Game Machine platform so that operators are able to deliver premium and casual games to the TV, all done without having to own a gaming console in your living room in the first place.without the need for a gaming console.

You will still need the G-cluster Game Machine as an intermediary, however, where it will plug into the HDMI port on HDMI-equipped televisions while connecting to the home Wi-Fi network in order for one to access the service. You can then use a game pad with a wireless receiver, or smartphones or tablets, in order to dictate the gameplay on the TV, where you can choose to fly solo or with friends, where they will rely on other devices such as PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

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