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GCell delivers the G100 Indoor Solar Beacon

gcell-solar-beaconSolar power is extremely useful when it comes to keeping things up and running without missing a beat, but the efficiency of solar cells is something that still needs to be worked upon. GCell has taken a step forward in the right direction by announcing its entry into the iBeacon hardware market thanks to the spanking new G100 Indoor Solar Beacon. The G100 Indoor Solar Beacon is touted to be the first energy harvesting iBeacon in the world that boasts of a renewable energy supply as well as a 100-millisecond advertising rate as default.

The G100 Indoor Solar Beacon can be classified to be an enterprise grade iBeacon that will target large-scale deployments, and has a very, very long lifespan to increase its attractiveness to potential purchasers. The number of beacons deployed around the world has already gone past the six million mark, according to proximity marketing directory Proxbook. Making use of beacons throughout airports, cinemas, hotels, retail stores and sports stadia enable the broadcasting of Bluetooth signals that a smartphone can receive and understand, and also opens up the possibility for brands and venues to communicate with audiences at a precise location at the time of their visit.

The G100 Indoor Solar Beacon will make use of the very same star that every living thing on earth relies on – the sun, and this renewable energy source will be the basis that allows it to enable broadcasting at the Apple iBeacon standard of 100-milliseconds advertising rate for the entire life of the product. The higher advertising rate would then enable application developers to target users and navigate indoors in a far more accurate manner.

Introducing the G100 Indoor Solar Beacon will not be a lonely affair, as this offering will work alongside proximity platform providers and indoor location service providers in order to benefit the enterprise, retail, sports and leisure applications of iBeacon. Pre-orders for the GCell Beacon Development Kits are already happening, and new GCell Beacon products are said to be in the pipeline for a launch later this year.

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