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The Gaze Standing Desk helps improve your posture

Gaze Desk

We’re starting to understand how working with computers can affect our bodies more and more. It’s pretty common knowledge that you should be giving your eyes a break, getting up to stretch, and sitting properly to avoid any muscle or tendon strain. Regardless, we still maintain some pretty bad habits, and it’s hard to break them if we don’t force ourselves to.

While a standing desk is great, you don’t want to be stuck only standing, and if it’s one you adjust, then you might spend more time sitting than you should. The Gaze Desk is hoping to change that as it is both ergonomic and smart, meaning it will connect to your smartphone to persuade you to start keeping better habits when working. Not only will you be standing more often, but the phone app will remind you when you need to change things up. You can adjust¬†settings on your phone or through the control panel under the desk.

This consists of two tiers, the main desk and a monitor stand so you’re not craning your neck. The phone will nudge you every two hours to get up, and there’s even calorie tracking as standing will having you burning more than sitting. The app also has achievement badges and ranking between you and any friends you have that also happen to have this desk. That would be a bit surprising though as this will cost you $1099 or much more depending on what you want. This is of course dependent on whether or not you want to toss your change into a crowdfunding campaign.

Available for corwdfunding on Kickstarter